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Last Update: 2023-10-28 Quartus is Intel's (Altera's) development environment antd tool chain for their lines of FPGAs. Quartus is available on the lab machines, thus you only need to complete this section if you want to install Quartus onto your personal machine. NOTE: Quartus only runs on Windows and Linux machines (unless you have a VM). Head to the Quartus download page: Quartus 22.1 Scroll down until you see a large blue download button and press it. The big blue download button on Intel's webpage The download should start. Since the tar archive is large, it may take a while to download. Once the download has completed, you will need to decompress the archive using software such as WinRAR, 7Zip, tar, etc. After decompression, run the “setup.bat” script. You can select the defaults in the installer, except on the “Select Components” page, select the following options: Install component selection for supported devices. Select Cyclone V and MAX 10 You can select all (which is the default) but that will be a lot of storage space. NOTE: the above image shows installation of the Cyclone V family toolchain. This is what you use if you take ECSE 301. For this course, we are using the MAX 10, so be sure to select this! NOTE: Questa (Modelsim) is usually installed by default. You can install Modelsim later if you want using the Modelsim setup guide (a different PDF). Then go through the rest of the options. The install should be about 13GiB in size, so it will take a bit of time. After the Quartus install completes, be sure to follow the prompts on the driver installer. (If you are experiencing issues with the drivers after install, let a someone know and we can show you how to add them). With the install complete, go to here to set up your first project: Quartus Project Setup
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