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(Because it's a thing nowadays) Last updated: 2023-07-08 By using or accessing this Website, the user accepts and consents to the collection of the following pieces of information regarding their usage: Additionally, permission is granted to the Website owner(s), Webmaster(s), System Admin(s), and other authorized personnel to review this data and act on, share with third parties, or otherwise use it for system maintenance, security, "debugging," and other legitimate purposes. Logs are reviewed periodically and inappropriate access (such as repeated attempts to access login pages, unreasonably high request volumes, etc.) may result in the requestor's IP address being added to the deny list on the Webserver. Webpages which are linked to on the "Live Projects List" page may use cookies or similar technologies in order to provide necessary functionality and are not used to track users. TL;DR: I'm logging basic info that's required for you to connect to the website and I look at the logs from time to time. I might share with my friends IP addresses that exhibit unusual behavior.
That's all!
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