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Last Update: 2023-10-28 Modelsim is a functional simulator for hardware description languages like Verilog and VHDL. It is certainly not the only simulator out there, but it is the one that I will be using for the course. Other simulators include VCS (Synopsys) and Verilator (open-source). Depending on licensing, the phase of the moon, and a few other things, the names Modelsim and Questa seem to be interchanged. You only need to install Modelsim (or your favorite sim) if your Quartus install did not include it or you want to use something different. To install, go to Intel’s website: Modelsim Standard Edition 20.11 And click on the “Download” button for your operating system: The big blue download button on Intel's website. Once the installer is downloaded, run the file. On the edition selection screen, select Intel FPGA Starter Edition (unless you acquired a license). Two available options for modelsim: licensed and unlicensed. If you want to continue the installation, accept the license agreement. Then set the install location. The total install is around 4.5 GB. Once complete, move on to: Modelsim Project Setup
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